7 DIY Artworks Using Scrap Materials

If you think scrap wood, plastic bottle, cork, buttons and other scrap materials are useless, you might change your mind as you continue reading this article. You can create your own DIY artwork using scrap materials to give your traditional wall a fresh look. Here are 7 DIY artworks that you can add in your interior to enhance the look of your house.

Wall Art Project Using Scrap Wood

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This project will not cost you that much, you can purchase or repurpose some scrap wood . You can use woods with different width, thickness and length. Paint the sides and front of each piece of wood with colors that will match your house interior. Measure the space where you want to hang your wall art project to determine the size of your art project.

Chandelier Made of Plastic Bottle

2 chandelier made of plastic bottle

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There are ways to repurpose plastic bottles into useful items that you can use in your house.  You can actually transform useless plastic bottles into unique and lovely item. The product of your hard work sometimes exceeds your expectations. Check out this unique chandelier that is made of plastic bottles. The plastic bottles are cut into plastic leaves and then arranged and paste together to create a beautiful chandelier. Put an LED light bulb in it to lighten up your room.

Lamp Made of Thread

3 lampshade made of thread

At first glance, you wouldn’t believe that it is actually made of thread. But if you take a closer look at it you will notice that it is made of thread. The lamp will make your living room or dining room more appealing and stylish. Lamp made of thread is very lovely, especially at night once the threads cast shadow on the walls. You can choose any type of yarn you want.

4 lampshade made of thread

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Kitchen Backsplash Made of Cork

5 DIY artwork using cork


Planning is the first step, start with your design and the type of layout you like to use. Connect the corks end to end to make long rows, or you can turn the corks so the ends face out into the room. Determine if you want to have a random pattern, even lines, alternating pairs or straight corks.  Others would choose to cut the corks in half lengthwise, while some use the entire cork to make a lovely kitchen backsplash.

6 backsplash made of cork

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Black and White Drum Lampshade Made of Plastic Bags

7 black and white drum shade

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You are reading this article because you are looking for something that will enhance the look of your house, something that is unique and cost less. How about collecting plastic bags from your local grocery store and make them into a creative new drum shade? Yes, this lovely drum lampshade is made of plastic bags. This unique and creative drum lampshade will lighten up your living room. Your visitors will get attracted to this easily.

Trash Bin Made of Old Magazine

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If you think you have seen all the recycled magazine artworks, better take a look at this one. This wastebasket is made of pages of magazines weave together carefully. The creator of this wastebasket purposely keeps spaces in between so it will not look heavy. The uneven edge is designed to make it unique and fun.

Buttons and other Small Objects Artwork

9 buttons and other small objects

This is definitely one of the best artworks using scrap materials that you have ever seen. This artwork is made of small buttons, strings, plastic toys, gears, Lego and other small objects. Most of the small objects are made of plastic. You can create your own artwork using these materials all you need to do is to collect any small materials that you can find in your home and a very good subject.

10 buttons and other small object

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