Creative Storage Space Designs for the Kitchen of the Future

If you want to have additional storage space in your kitchen but do not have any idea where to put it, it is important that you are able to plan your approach to design intelligently. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect storage space for your kitchen without infringing on the remaining floor space outside.

Initially, you can create a storage receptacle underneath your very own kitchen island. You can even create an extended tabletop to work on.

kitchen storage 1

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As a second option, you can also hide your fridge behind the guise of a normal looking cupboard door. This will definitely a main fear death for sure.

kitchen storage 2

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If you don’t have enough space for your storage units, use the pullout mechanism to make it work to your advantage. Here is a cooking sheet storage unit that will definitely not take up much space in the long run.

kitchen storage 3

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Additionally, you can also use your kitchen drawers as a multifunctional storage unit by adding some wine racks inside. This will that only save you some space in terms of keeping beverage bottles intact.

kitchen storage 4

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You can also hide your cutting board under your drawer. This will allow you to save storage space while retaining the design function.

kitchen storage 5

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If you have extra cabinets, you can use it as a place to store your dishes in. It will be well organized and free of clutter for sure.

kitchen storage 6

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Again, this coffee cubby design will be good for kitchens that have small space to work with. It will keep the appliances away from harm and it will free up your own workspace for sure.

kitchen storage 7

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If you have an extra space in the wall, you can install a vertical drawer to hide all your condiments and spices. This will definitely keep these containers and all the contents of the children’s reach in the long run.

kitchen storage 8

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You can also create a small cleaning closet, which can contain all your kitchen utensils and supplies for keeping the space spic and span on a regular basis.

kitchen storage 9

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Lastly, you can also turn your cabinet door into a mini storage unit. But he don’t want to use it for storage, you can use it as a bulletin board of sorts for the things that you would have to do during the day.

kitchen storage 10

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These are just some of the many storage options that you can have for the kitchen without sacrificing more space in the long run. Hopefully, you will be able to get inspiration from this article and create your own designs without difficulty in the future.


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