Open Shelving for the Bathroom: The Unity Of Form And Function

Using open storage for bathrooms like yours can definitely give you the opportunity to have a multi functioning design feature in the house. How so? You are in luck because this article will answer this question for you among others. Hopefully, you will be able to get more inspiration from this article after reading so that you would end up building the bathroom of your dreams.

First off, you can use the built in open shelving in your bathroom as a means to display all your additional décor in the house. Look at this bathroom vanity design. It is lovely, isn’t it?


As a second option, you can also use a much simpler design for your built in storage cabinets in the bathroom. This will fit modern house and bathroom designs in the near future.



In addition to this, you can also add additional shelving beside your bathroom vanity if you want to. This will increase the storage capacity of your personal space while keeping the beauty of the vanity intact.



Furthermore, you can also use a recessed shelving design just on top of your tub. This will allow you to put your toiletries within your reach while you are enjoying your time in the tub.




You can also use these shelves to store your towels or put them on display if you want. The decision is entirely up to you.


This particular shelving design can definitely fit a rustic bathroom in the future. If you want to renovate your bathroom in the farm, this would be the perfect addition to your private space.






Below is another open shelving unit just above the bathtub. You will surely not regret using this particular design for the bathroom because it will add storage as well as display capacity to your bathroom without difficulty.



If you want, you can utilize the space in the walls of your bathroom to install additional shelving. Here is an example of shelves directly above the toilet for anyone to use.


If you are fond of using containers, why don’t you put them on the shelves in your bathroom. This will be a double whammy in terms of design and function for sure.



As a last option, you can also maximize the smaller spaces in your bathroom by adding shelving to occupy the empty slot. You will definitely not regret doing this because you will be able to put form and function into good use with this particular design option. You try it out as soon as you can.


These are just some of the many design options that you can have when it comes to open shelving in your bathroom. It is that only something that you should consider when designing your own personal bathroom because it will give you the opportunity to have additional storage while allowing you to explore other options that you may have with regards the use of the whole wall space apart from it being a display section.


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