5 Stylish and Functional Shared Bedroom for Kids

“Sharing is caring” is what they say and what parent wouldn’t want to teach their kids how to share at an early age or as soon as possible, right? If you’ve got two kids or more, having them share a bedroom is a great way to foster a special bond between them and teach them how to share. It’s also an effective way of teaching them how to get along on their own. Here are some stylish and functional share bedrooms for kids that you’ll want to make for your own.


  1. Corner beds – here’s one that you can do if you want your kids to share a small room but don’t like the look of a bunk bed. Placing the beds in a corner instead of having them occupy tons of space in the middle of the room can free up some precious real estate. Put a corner table where the beds meet for extra space and storage.angled bed arrangement
    angled beds with storage and table angled corner beds and table corner bed boy and girl shared room
  2. Merging mini rooms – got two small rooms? Why not merge them into a big one and have your kids share? You can leave up a sliding wall for privacy then just set a rule to always have the wall open unless otherwise instructed. This is great for when kids of different ages are sharing the space or when a boy and a girl will be sharing the room since you can still customize each half according to their taste.merged rooms for kids merged bedrooms for kids
  3. A nook to call their own – if you’re having your kids share the same room because of lack of space, privacy and preference might be an issue. To solve this, why not give them their own little nooks that they can crawl in and truly call their own? You can build their nooks so they each have their own space for their own stuff. This is one of the best ways to have older kids (grade schoolers and pre-teens) share a room without sacrificing their own aesthetic and their privacy. Here are some of the cutest and most functional ones to take inspiration from.  private nook area bed nook style beds nook fit for princesses
  4. The bunk bed upgrade – gone are the days when having a bunk bed simply meant having 2 beds stacked on top of each other. Today, bunk beds come in so many different styles and designs, it’s hard to resist getting one for your kids the moment you think about them sharing rooms. Multi-level bunk beds are a thing, too, and they’re great for parents of three or even four kids. Check out these cool bunk beds:dollhouse bunk bed cabin bunk bed bunk for four bunk bed funhouse bunk bed for three
  5. The pullout solution – short on floor space? These pull out beds are genius and they’re perfect for those who need space for kids’ activities during the day and space for sleeping at night.pull out beds pull out bed cutesy unisex theme



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