Tips to Achieve that Scandinavian Vibe in Your Home

The Scandinavian aesthetic is one of my favorite looks. It’s something that works well with houses of any size, no matter if it’s in the warm tropics or somewhere chilly and cold. The clean, simple aesthetic of this style always makes any space look more lit and I love that it incorporates natural elements like wood and earth tones to warm up a rather while, light, and bright space. If you’re a fan of Scandinavian style interior decor, too, and you’d like to have it done for your home, check out these tips on how to achieve that Scandinavian vibe here.


  1. First, the lights – if your home has large windows that allow for natural light to come in, then lucky you. If not, it’s best to sort the light situation in your home first. The Scandinavian aesthetic is all about your home looking light and bright, but also warm and cozy, so it’s best to have a combination of bright white and warm white bulbs around. simple scandinavian living room
    warmth and wood entry way scandinavian
  2. Embrace minimalism – another tip I give to anyone who loves the look and feel of a Scandinavian themed home is to embrace minimalism. To achieve a clean look, you must have a clean space. Be creative with your storage spaces and try not to bring anything into your home that’s eventually going to end up as just another piece of clutter. This tips can also save you lots of money in the long run. living and dining room open space scandinavian bathroom with plants
  3. Stick to a neutral color palette – Nordic designs thrive on a neutral color palette. If you  want to achieve that Scandinavian vibe in your home, sticking to a neutral color palette is your best bet. This doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t have other colors in your home. You can add a pop of bright color here and there to liven up your space and you can even add touches of metallic shades to give it a nice contemporary touch. The key is to anchor everything down to the neutrals. pop of color area rug modern nordic kitchen accent wall
  4. Strive for high contrast – how do neutral Scandinavian homes look so good? The secret is in the contrast. High contrasts between colors used in their color scheme of choice makes the hues pop. Black and white, white and brown, gray and black — these are just some of the most popular color combos you’ll see in a Scandinavian home. black and white scandinavian style cozy lounging area
  5. Warm it up with natural elements – to prevent your space from looking too stark or too dull, it’s best to add elements of wood in it. This makes it look more inviting and definitely a lot cozier. Plants are a welcome addition, too, and so are accent walls in earthy patterns and tones. clean and simple kitchen modern scandinavian look



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