Striped Walls: The Perfect Combination of Color and Design

If you want to use a striped wall design for your own bedroom or even for other groups inside your house, it would have to consider how it affects the overall look of the room.  Here are some recommendations that you can consider using if ever you are going to renovate a part of your house in the future.

Using Gray



If you’re going for the gray colors for your room, make sure that you will be able to offset it with a brighter color.  In this case, the designer used white as a partner for the gray striped walls.

Going Pink


These particular striped walls and colors will definitely fit a young girl’s bubbly personality.  Using this chandelier is not too shabby of an idea either.

The Classic Black And White


In this case, the occupant will be able to put a contrast to the coldness of black and white by putting up some pictures on the wall like such.

Adding To The Brightness Of The Room


Here is another version of the pink striped walls.  This time, it is used with the color yellow which adds to the brightness of the room.

Black And White For The Nursery


Here is another version of the black and white striped walls you can use for a nursery.  This will work for both genders so you do not have to worry about not having the right colors for your baby room anymore.

The Benefits Of Contrasts



The benefits of using contrasts in colors like the ones in this picture is that it is something unique and different from all other striped wall designs.  You will definitely enjoy using this color palette for your baby’s nursery in the future.

Earth Tones


Warm earth tones like this color palette can definitely work to your advantage when designing a nursery.

Adding Pictures


Adding a picture to your black and white striped wall is surely not a bad idea to liven things up in your baby’s room.

Purple vs. Gray


In this particular picture the purple floor mat definitely compliment those white and gray stripes on the wall.  It definitely made the crib stand out in the picture.

Bright and Dark Colors Combined


In this picture, you can see how dark and bright colors can go together in one particular room design.  It does not look forced nor does it look too bright.  This will be perfect for your living room space or den in the house.

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