Attractive and Affordable Home Décor

Affordable home décor lets you mix the old and new décor. If you stick with the basics and some imagination, you will be able to produce a stylish home within a budget. Combine a well designed but an affordable copy of an expensive item with better quality for effective and affordable home décor. A wicker is an affordable home décor which can be used as a coffee table, or an end table. Actually, if you have a big tree in your backyard, you can create a wicker on your own.

Grass Shaped into Balls in an Iron Bar

1 - affordable home decor

Reuse Large Jars with Fresh Plants Inside

2 - affordable home decor

A Stool Made of Corks

3- affordable home decor

With affordable home décor you can transform a negative space into something lively and attractive area. In order to do this you can use anything that you have in your house. It could be  something recycled like the frame of the broken mirror. You can use it to create a unique cork board. You can simply pin here the notes and important messages.

An Old Love Bird Cage Repainted and  Used as a Center Table Adornment

4- affordable home decor

A Unique Wall Decor Made of Old Glass and Pieces of Capiz 

5- affordable home decor

You can reuse a furniture. Old drawers and doors can be converted into an attractive adornment by using colorful paint. If the furniture has lovely lines and good structure, but is badly scratched or has bad finished, it can be reconditioned or stripped, or enhanced using paint or even fabric. Consignment shops and thrift stores are becoming more fun and stylish to peruse.

An Old Christmas Decor and Candle Holder Painted and Refurbished

6- affordable home decor

Old Wall Decor Repainted and Fixed 

7- affordable home decor

Lovely Wall Decor can Enlighten the Room

8- affordable home decor

The most affordable home décor is by changing the color of your rooms and cost effective way to have the dramatic difference in the look of any area. Use a low volatile organic compound paint. In case your room is lightly furnished, adding color into it will add visual interest. Actually, you can use material that you have in your house and transform it into something special.

Old Mirror Frame Transformed Into Unique Cork Board

9- affordable home decor

Big Corks Converted into a Unique Pot 

10- affordable home decor

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