Decorating Homes With Modern Vases

Flower vases are one of the most beautiful decorative things that will add beauty and elegance in ones home. You can fill any container with fresh flowers to spread the fragrance and make the place look beautiful, but modern vases have its own beauty that words can’t explain. Listed below are some of the modern vase ideas that will make your home look stunning beautiful.

Black and white tower vases:

This is a stunning black and white tall glass vase with spiral glass design on the outside and looks very beautiful when placed on the wooden cabinet. These kinds of vases can be filled with white flowers or light colored flowers to make it look outstanding.

black and white tower vases

black and white tower vases

Glass cylindrical vase:

This is another simple glass cylindrical vase that is filled with a curly willow and fresh tulips that make it look fresh and lovely.


Large glass bowl:

Modern vases doesn’t need to be all grand, decorative and something glittery, but even simple ones should create a modern ambience and that’s what this large umbrella glass bowl vase is all about. This vase is filled with fresh cut braches with colorful autumn leaves to make the vase look beautiful.

Luxurious silver vase:

This is a luxurious matt finish silver vase that is short sized and can be used to place short-stemmed flowers to make it look lovely. Flowers like orchids, tulips, and other bright colored ones will make lovely choices.

Purple and blue sculpture vase:

This is another modern glossy purple and blue shaded sculptured vase that gives a ultra modern look to it. The unique shape and the combination of colors is what make the vase look very attractive and modern.

Tall martini glass vase:

Tall martini glass vases can be filled with flowers and this will make as beautiful centerpieces during weddings and decorate them with bunch of flowers to make it look very attractive and stylish.

Thin neck vases:

This is a slim/thin neck vases that make it look very trendy and can be filled with flimsy flowers to make the vase look attractive, these kind of vases can be arranged in a line or many in number to make them look much attractive than making use of just a single vase. Also, they can be best used for table centerpieces, and for wedding decorations.

Square glass vase:

This is a square glass vase with white rose arranged beautifully in it with their stems cut short, giving it a modern look.


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