12 DIY Countertops To Make in Your Kitchen

If you would like to have a more traditional and less minimalist kitchen countertop, this is the title that you should be reading.  We’ll give you some ideas as to what you can do with wood as a base material for your DIY kitchen counters in the future.  I assure you that you will get a lot of ideas from this article not only on how to make would kitchen countertops but also on how to design your very own.

Here’s the list as follows:

This bare wooden countertop will give you a more natural looking kitchen.  You can either varnish it or leave it as it is.  Whatever you decide, I am sure that it will be for the best.


Source: manhattan-nest

This is another bare countertop that will definitely add beauty to your simple kitchen design.  It’s very easy tomaintain for sure.


Source: theshabbycreekcottage

If you want the more elegant style for your counters, this is the best way to do it.  It certainly matches the wooden dining table and chairs in the middle.


Source: hgtv

Here is another countertop design that can serve as an extension of your stove.  If you lack space and storage, this is the right design for you.


Source: doorsixteen

Here is another countertop design that can double as a bookshelf underneath.  Talk about functionality and aesthetic value all in one piece of furniture right?


Source: homeon129acres

This is another design that can also function as a work table.  So you can definitely bring your work to the kitchen if necessary.


Source: thehappyhousewife

This is a classic and smooth, wooden countertop that will definitely be useful to your kitchen.  All you need to do is to sand the countertop before installing it and you’ll be all set.


Source: simplymaggie

Here is a great mixture of wood and stainless steel for your counter and sink.  Painting over your wooden countertops is also a great way of mixing it up in terms of design.


Source: chriskauffman

This smooth countertop will definitely be a great addition to your kitchen in the future.  It is easy to maintain and clean up if necessary compared to concrete.


Source: thediwife

This specific countertop will fit a rustic home.  If you want a country style home design, this countertop for your kitchen will be perfect.


Source: addicted2decorating

This is another rustic countertop that can definitely give you a cozy feeling at home.  Why don’t you give it a try?

27 (2)

Source: sawdustgirl

This last picture gives you a closer look at a DIY countertop that is made of wood.  It is definitely something different than you should consider using for your own kitchen.  It will last for a long time if you’re able to maintain it well, so it doesn’t really hurt to try.


Source: sawdustgirl


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