15 Great Ideas for Watercolored Home Projects: A Great Way to Experiment

Are you fond of painting?  If you find solace in this art form and really enjoy doing it, why don’t you try using watercolor projects as part of your home décor plan?  I am sure that you’ll be able to create all kinds of creative designs that will certainly match your overall home theme.  Here are some examples of watercolor DIY’s that will certainly be good for your room or any other part of your house.

1. Water colored handkerchiefs or napkins like the ones below can do wonders for your kitchen.


2. You can use this particular framed watercolor painting to decorate your office.  Isn’t it beautiful?

63. If you want to go back to basics, you can just pin your paper paintings on the wall like this.  It certainly gives a bohemian vibe to the room.

74. If you don’t like to paint over a canvas, it would be best to use another platform.  Why don’t you try painting over your chinaware such as these?  The watercolor gives the mugs a brand new life because of the bright colors that make them pop.


5. Abstract watercolor painting can also be done to the walls in lieu of wallpaper.  You just have to choose the colors wisely.  The brighter, the better.


6. Water color can also give your napkins a lovely makeover as well.  Just look at these!


7. You can also use it for your pots or any other crafts that you may want to create with your own hands.  Sky’s the limit when it comes to your imagination really.


8. You can also use it for your bookmarks like these ones.


9. Watercolor finger painting can also be a good way to spend time with your children for sure.You can even ask them to make their own paintings!  Then you can have those on the walls of their own bedrooms.


10. Here’s another example of a water color painting that is not only decorative but also educational.


11. Water color can also be used to give life to your pillow cases and even your bed sheets.  It is definitely worth a try.


12. You can use the water colored cloths that you have to cover your lighting fixtures in a room like the one in this picture.


13. Here is another variation of the water colored chinaware.  In this case, it’s a cup and not mugs.


14. You can also color your calendar as such.  It’ll be something different to look at for sure.


15. Here’s another water colored lamp that you can definitely use in your own room.


Source: iLoveToCreateBlog

As far as creativity is concerned, you definitely have nothing to worry about when it comes to limits because the only limit that you’ll have is your own imagination.  So what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and give water coloring a try.  There’s no harm in it, right?

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