Interesting DIY Planter Ideas

This blog is not just for those who are fond of gardening but anyone who would just love the look of freshness at home! So, who doesn’t like to own a home that is fresh and green? There are simple and unique ways by which you can install small plants at home and they will look lovely. Make use of things that are at home to create beautiful planters and adorn your home in freshness.

chandelier planter

Bird cage planter:

Got an old birdcage at home? Turn it into a planter and adorn the lawns with these hanging plants. This is one of the cutest ideas to replace birds to plants in those cages.

bird cage planter

Canister planter:

Rail the window sill with canisters that contains herbs in it and you can also decorate the canisters by spray painting them in beautiful colors and maybe also by attaching name tag to each of the canisters.

canister planters

Colander bowl planter:

Reuse the old colander bowls in your kitchen by recycling them into a planter that will make it look interesting. Paint these colanders in bright colors and you can also attach two or more colanders in a row with chains and turn it into a layered planter.

colander bowl planter

Ladder and drawer planter:

This is a old stepladder that has been replaced with old drawers instead of rungs and you can plant the saplings into the drawers and they will look unique and interesting. You can also simply use of tall ladders in the balcony as they can hold as many plants in it requiring just minimal space.

drawer planter

Dresser planter idea:

How cool is this dresser drawer planter where you can keep the drawers opened and place the plants into it. This will look very admirable with a large mirror in the center as you can place them as center of attraction in the garden.

dressing table planter

Mason jar planter:

Make use of an old crate where you can arrange the mason jars with plants in it. This will be very helpful for you to carry around if in case of herb when you may require it while cooking.

mason jar planter

Hanging plastic bottles:

Cut the plastic bottles into half and you can dip them into paint and make use of it like a planter, which will look cool when there are hung in large numbers in the lawn.

plastic bottle planter

Sac bag planter:

This is a sac bag planter where you can roll the sac up to desired height and turn it into planter. It is one of the most easiest and cost effective ways for a planter.

sac bag planter

Tyre planter:

Make use of large tyres and spray paint them in beautiful colors and you can use the center space for plants.

tyre planter

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