Tall Walls: Various Decorating Tips For You

If you have a large room with tall ceilings and walls, this article can help you understand how you can decorate them better in the future.  Hopefully, we will be able to give you some tips on what you can do to beautify your bare walls no matter how tall they are.

First of all, you have to think about scale.  This is an important factor that can affect the overall design of your room.  You should think about how the size of the redecoration is proportionate to the length of your wall.  In this respect, smaller decorations will not fit a large wall.  Huge paintings usually do the trick.


Source: lesliesarmiento

Using tall furniture can also maximize the size of the room.  Do not be afraid to utilize the space two your advantage.


Source: beckdesignblog

Having a tall ceiling can allow you to place chandeliers and other large decorations onto it.  Again, this is a classic example of maximizing the space that you have.


Source: elledecor

A single piece of small artwork will not work for large walls, but if you group them all together, it just might work.



Source: elledecor

Framing your wallpapers with molding will add spice to a bare wall.  Take a look at this picture.


Source: quintessenceblog


You can also use the wide molding to create wall patterns like this one.  It will maximize the space and not leave anything unused.


Source: traditionalhome


You can also put up floating shelves that extend from one room to another.  It will offer a lot of storage room for your various belongings.


Source: designrulz

Instead of putting figurines on top of your shelves, why don’t you hang your artwork there as a replacement?  It will certainly be something different.


Source: Ikea via DigDigs

Another type of tall bookshelf design.  It will definitely give you something to look forward to discover you pass by your living room in the future.


Source: freshomedecor

Using a multitude of mirrors can also add a unique appeal to your wall.


Source: jeffsheatsdesigns


A combination of molding and mirrors can certainly give the wall a new look.


Source: jpmdesign

You can also use the molding as a stand alone design trim.  It is certainly a departure from the usual wall designs that we know of.


Source: infoteli

Do not be afraid to experiment.  Using different colors on the walls can definitely spell the difference in design.  A change in color can give the room a cozier feeling for sure.


Source: atlantahomesmag

Using light and dark colors can also decrease the length of your wall.  If you want your wall to appear shorter than it really is, you will definitely need different shades of paint.


Source: bostondesignguide

So, which one do you like like the most?

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