The Red, White and Blue: A Fusion of Patriotism and Style

If you want to be patriotic and show it by way of your room, here are some red, white and blue designs that you can do to make sure that you can go with the times especially during Memorial Day weekend.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to get what you need in terms of beauty as well as functionality in the future.

First of all, you can use the red, white and blue theme in your kitchen by using it on your chinaware as well as some of your chairs.  It will definitely liven up your kitchen for sure.

1 red stools

Source: houzz

Secondly, you can focus on giving your family room a more cozy ambience by using the red, white and blue color scheme for sure.  It will give them room, both the masculine and feminine touch through the colors that you have chosen.

2 family room

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If your target is to have a classically designed dining room, make sure that you’re able to use subdued shades of the three main colors in this article.  This way, the colors won’t detract from the beauty of your dining room.

3 RedWhiteBlue dining area

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How about using a blue striped flooring as well as red shades for your shelves to complement the blue and white sheets on your bed?  It would look, don’t you think?

4 bedroom

 Source: katiedenham

The blue and white towels will definitely be a dark contrast to the bright red walls in your bathroom for sure.  This will be a great design plan if you have a flair for bright colors.

5 RedWhiteBlue bathroom

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The deep blue wall color will definitely complement to this all white office space.  If you want to add another splash of color, you can throw in some red pillows on the sofa.

6 blue walls

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If you have a hallway in your house, blue and white stripes on the walls will definitely complement the length of your hallway.  If you have a short entryway, having these stripes will give the illusion of distance and length.

7 stripes

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You can go straight to the point and use that American flag as an overall design for your living room, just like this one.

8 patio

Source: potterybarn

If you really want to use the patriotic colors, you just have to learn to mix and match and you will definitely get the results that you need.

Now that you have finished the article, which one do you think will suit your lifestyle best?  Well, whatever you may choose, be sure to go with your heart’s desire.  You’ll definitely not go wrong if you take this route.

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