Candle Light Dinner Ideas

Candle light dinners are one of the most romantic and stunning dinners where the flickering of candles and dining under dim light makes the place look magical. You can adorn the tables with small votives, hanging lanterns, fruit candles, etc. there are various ways by which you can light up the place. Listed below are some of the ideas by which you can decorate the tables of the candle light dinner party.

wooden candles

votives and flowers

Apple light décor:

Look at this delicious apple light décor where you can scrape out the top of the apple and then insert votives into it. You can then arrange the apples on the table in any design or just in a neat row.

apple light

You can also make use of lemons instead of apples and they will still look beautiful.

lemon candles

Canister lights:

Canisters can be used in various ways and these table décor canister lights are one of the ways by which you can adorn the dinnertime. Just pierce holes into the canister cans and place candles within it.

canister tins

Chandelier candlesticks:

Look at these grand chandelier sticks with crystal hangings, where it will not only look like a candle décor but also like a beautiful centerpiece with grandeur. You can arrange tall crystal candelabras along the center of the table to make the dinnertime look stunning.

chandelier candle sticks

Floating candle décor:

Floating candles are one of my favorites and you can float these votives in large glass bowls, or rounded glass fish tanks that are available at home. Decorate the water with flower petals, leaves, or berries to make it look decorative.

floating candles

Hanging lantern décor idea:

Instead of just decorating the place with candles that are arranged on the tables you can adorn the place with hanging candles and lanterns that will make it look majestic. These vintage lanterns of various shapes and sizes will make the place look very decorative and beautiful.

hanging lanterns

Mason jar clusters:

Arrange large number of glass mason jars on the tables in clusters and you can fill some of them with candles and leave the remaining just simply empty or fill it with decorative beads, flowers or other decorative materials.

mason jar candles

Mirror and candles:

if you simply want to place the candles directly onto the tables you can do so by placing them on a long thin piece of mirror where it will not only serve as a base but will reflect light beautifully well.

mirror and candles

Wine bottle candles:

Make use of empty wine bottles to serve as candle stands and you can just insert the candles into the mouth of the bottle, and arrange them neatly on the table.

wine bottle candle holders

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