Candy Cane Crafts

Cane canes are so popular during Christmas season and you can bring the feel of Christmas all year long by creating cute little candy crafts that will look very innovative and beautiful. They are very simple to make and will turn simple items into decorative ones and costs less too.

window decor


Take a lid of any small container where you can insert the candle and cover the container with candy canes and tie them with a ribbon. This candleholder is easy to make you can place them as a centerpiece too.

candle holders

Cane flower vase:

Just like you made the candleholder this flower vase is easy to make and you can create one in a similar fashion. All you need is a broad container like the one you can insert the flower bunch in it and start arranging the candy cane around it. Later you can fill the flowers in it and place the vase anywhere around your house.

cane vase1

cane vase2

Cane wreath:

Make a wreath out of cane where you can hang it outside the door and it is very easy to make, as you need to tie the two canes facing each other and join them in a circular shape. The center can be adorned with a flower bunch, leaves or pinecones.

cane wreath

Door décor idea:

Make a door handle décor with candy canes, and it is one of the easiest craft, as you just need to hang a couple of canes to the door handle with a ribbon. This will make the door handle look decorative and cute.

door decor

Gift tags with canes:

Before you add a gift tag to the wraps you can attach a candy cane to the tags and then attach them to the gifts. This will make it look sweet and the person can open it with a smile as they chew on the candy.

gift tags

Marshmallow snowman and sleigh:

Make a sleigh out of candy canes and you can attach marshmallows on top of it and place them as centerpieces on the dining table to make it look attractive.

marshmellow snowman

Place card holder:

Make a small bundle with three candy canes and then place the name cards in it, this will not only serve as a card holder but they can also carry it along with them as a return gift.

name card


Attach flowers, leaves or Christmas balls to the candy canes and they will look like tiny ornaments that can be used to adorn other things.


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