Decorating Weddings With Candles

Candles and votives are one of the décor ideas that will make the place gleam with light and serenity. You can make use of candles with various ideas and replace the other décor styles with these candles. Listed below are some of the beautiful ideas where you can make use of candles and votives to adorn the place.

candle chandelier

Aisle décor with tall glass jars:

Decorate the aisle of the wedding ceremony with just candles and for this you will need tall glass jars or similar or variant sizes and you can place tall candles within it. Place them neatly along both the sides of the aisle and let them glitter in peace and serenity.

aisle decor

Beautiful lanterns with candles:

Take large and beautiful lanterns like birdcage, Moroccan or vintage lanterns and place candles within it. You can place these lanterns outside along the entryway or hang them to the trees to make it look beautiful.

beautiful lanterns

Candle runner:

Instead of floral, or fabric table runners that are usually used you can make use of candle runner and make the table look like a candle light dinner. Place small votives closely placed to each other and they will look absolutely fantastic.

candle runner

Floating candles:

These are another alternative for the tall glass with stick candles, instead you can fill the jar with water, place a few petals in it and you can afloat a candle in it before you place them along side of the aisle.

floating candles

Painted wine bottles:

These are beautifully painted metallic colored wine bottles that are inserted with tall and lean stick candles that is placed to decorate the place. You can make use of metallic colors like steel, gold and copper to make it look rich and grand.

painted holders

Swimming pool décor idea:

If you are planning for a pool party wedding in the late evenings you can adorn the place with floating candles that are left to float freely across the pool. The will enhance the beauty of the pool and make it look pretty under moonlight.

pool decor

Pretty mirror votive centerpiece:

Look at this gorgeous centerpiece with a circular mirror and small votives arranged neatly on it along with a flower vase.

pretty centerpiece

Stacked wood and candles:

The glass jars are dipped in gold paint and placed on top of the stacked wooden trunks and they adorn the place so beautifully well.

stacked wood and candles

Glass bubble with votive décor:

These small glass bubbles with votives in it are hung along the tree branches and they adorn the place so beautifully well and makes it look magical.

votives in glass bubble

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