Decorative Candle Holders and Wraps

Decorating home with candles can make it look serene and beautiful, and instead of just making using of candles alone, you can think of some creative ways to make it stand out in décor and style. There are various creative ways to make candleholders and wraps, which are listed below.

decorated with pine cones

Bead wrap decorator:

Take a tall glass jar and wrap it with thin ropes and pearls, or any colorful beads. These pearls and beads can be joined together even with a yarn before you can wrap the candleholder. This is one of the beautiful and easiest ideas to decorate a candleholder.

bead wrap

Moss in a bowl:

Take an old rustic bowl and fill it with moss and later you can plant the candles in the moss as many as it can accommodate. This will look very unique and will suit the shabby chic or rustic home decors.

candle in moss

Wood log:

Look at this wood log with that is chopped into half and with some pierced holes to insert the candle. You can also place some pinecones, and leaves along with it to add some fresh look to the candleholder.

candles in wood log

Cinnamon stick wraps:

This is the most easiest way to create fragmented candle holders by just arranging the cinnamon sticks around the candle and tie it with a thin rope and the candle wrap will look rustic and good. This will look beautiful especially during winters.

cinnamon stick candle decor

Cranberries, candles and mason jars:

Take old glass mason jar from your kitchen and fill them with half water and you can then place cranberries along with some leaves and let the floating candles be placed within it. This floating candle in a jar is a easiest way to create a cute like holder for the candles.

cranberries and candles

Tall glass jar and twigs:

Take a tall glass jars and dump some dried twigs within it and pour in some water and you can place a floating candle in it. These kinds of candleholders are something unique and not in many places can you see these rustic candle floater ideas.

floating twigs

Glitter ribbon wraps:

Look at these candles that are simple decorated with glittering ribbons wrapped around it with edges glued to the candle. They will look simple and beautiful and is also easy to make.

glitter ribbon wraps

Wine glass with Christmas balls:

Invert a wine glass and place few colorful Christmas balls within it and you can place the candles on top of the wine glass base to make it look like a candelabra.

wine glass and christmas balls



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