Garden Weddings and Floral Ideas

Don’t gardens and flowers go hand in hand? Well, it is most of the most beautiful, pleasant and loveliest combination can think of at a easier venue that you can find in most places, unlike locations like mountains and sea where you got to go in search of them.

secret garden entryway

If you are planning to arrange for a wedding ceremony at home where you own a large beautiful garden, you can further enhance the place to make it look heavenly and blissful.

stunning dining decor

Chiffon décor:

Arrange four poles and decorate them with chiffon in mild colors to make it look like a gazebo and this can be arranged for the place where the couple can take their oath and say their vows. Scatter the mown flooring with fresh flower petals to add charm to the place.

chiffon decor

Drink station in a swing:

Make use of a pallet and rope to tie them to the tree like a swing and you can neatly arrange the drinks on top of it and it will look very unique and beautiful in the garden where your guests can enjoy their drink on the go.

drink station

Floral arch:

Add enhancement to the wedding ceremonial place with an entry arch to make it stand out from the rest of the place. Decorate the arch with fresh flowers and you can also decorate the aisle with matching flower pots to make it look very invite and pleasant.

floral arch

Floral chandelier tree décor:

You can make use of mason jars, votives and some fresh flowers to make floral chandeliers hanging on the tree branches to add freshness and charm to the fresh greenery.

floral chandelier

Old door entrance:

If you have old door at home you can recycle them to adorn the wedding place by placing it at the entrance to make the place look separate from the rest of the house and to make it look special with a unique entryway.

old door entrance

Shoe storage:

Bring out the vintage shoe storage rack and place them in the garden so that those who wish for the touch and feel of the greenery and to walk with bare foot can make use of this rack to place their footwear.

shoe storage

Sunscreen and bug spray:

There will still be a few people who might dislike the idea or scared cause of the bugs in the garden, and for those of them you can place bug sprays and sunscreen in a bucket hung to the shepherd hook.


Swing décor:

Swings adorn the garden furthermore and you can decorate the swing with some fresh floral swag to make it look pretty. Your guest can enjoy it and as well as treat it as a photo booth.

swing decor


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