How to Make Your DIY Bistro Glass Candles

Have you ever tried using bistro glasses to make candles? If you want to do this but do not know how to begin, it is important therefore that you read this article. We will try to give you some tips on how you can start by giving you a few steps to follow in order to make your very own bistro glass candles in the future.



Before you can go any further, you have to have the following materials. These materials will lead you to being able to create your very own bistro candles in the future.


  • The first few things that you need is 4 ounces of bistro glasses, wax flakes and braided candle wicks preferably made of soy.
  • As soon as you acquire these, you have to have wax of any color. It will serve as a dye for your candles.
  • Various scents of your choosing
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Glue gun


To get started, you have to take the candle wicks and place it on the bottom of your bistro glass. Then you should ensure that it is straight enough to hold for a long time. After this, you should curl the excess parts of the wick onto the bamboo skewer. Then you can lay it on top of the glass.


Afterwards, you can pour the wax flakes into the bistro glass. Upon completion, you can now pour more wax onto your glass to reach the top. Then you should put it in a microwave for a few minutes. Remember that you should only put it in a microwave as prescribed in the packaging.


As a reminder, you can also opt to put your wax in a pitcher to create one whole batch. These instructions are for making individual candles, one of the time. In addition, you should it continue to add wax until it reaches the top because wax have a tendency to melt in under a few minutes if not monitored constantly.


Now you can take it out of the microwave and add your wax coloring. The more shavings you add, the more color it has. So you should mix until you reach your desired shade. After this, you can add any scent that you like.


As the last step, leave them on a table to cool down and dry. If you notice any bubbles on top, you should heat up the remaining wax after removing the part with the bubbles using a skewer. After heating it, put it on top of the candle and smooth it out.


This will become your finished product.

Source: Valley and Co Lifestyle

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