Stair Runners: The Most Important Qualities

If you want to have a way to cover up your slippery stairs without loosing the style or substance of this particular interior design, why don’t you try using stair runners? Stair runners are basically carpets that you can roll onto the stairs to prevent yourself from falling down due to losing traction in your feet.

Fortunately, this article will help you find the best looking stair runner by giving you some of the most possible options that you can have for your own personal use in the future. The good thing about this is that you can do it yourself! So you don’t have to worry about spending too much money to achieve the following looks.

This is a black and white carpet stair runner that can definitely give you something to look forward to whenever you go down the stairs. The color of this particular carpeting will definitely match any scheme you may have for the house.

1 diy-creative-and-fun-stair-runners-for-any-home-500x752

Source: littlegreennotebook

If you want an eclectic design, choose this particular pattern for your stair runner. It will definitely give you the best when it comes to aesthetics.

2 diy-creative-and-fun-stair-runners-for-any-home1-500x340

Source: onekingslane

Here is a more traditional looking style for your stairs. If you want a classic look, use this one.

3 diy-creative-and-fun-stair-runners-for-any-home2

Source: whatamigoingtobewhenigrowup

This reminds me of a Scandinavian decorative style which can definitely fit a minimalist home design.

4 diy-creative-and-fun-stair-runners-for-any-home3-500x687

Source: providenthomedesign

If you want an edgier look, choose this particular design. It is a mixture of earth and dark colors that you will certainly enjoy.

5 diy-creative-and-fun-stair-runners-for-any-home4-500x749

Source: realhomelove

In this particular case, the earth toned carpet definitely is good for the home because it is not easily stained. So even if the kids play by the stairs, you will still have a well maintained stair runner.

6 diy-creative-and-fun-stair-runners-for-any-home5-500x889

Source: mamasdance

Here is another earth toned carpet with white accents and borders that can definitely make your stairs stand out among the rest.

7 diy-creative-and-fun-stair-runners-for-any-home6-500x551

Source: livingquartersonadime

This reminds me of a carpet that can be seen in one of those royal palaces in East Asia. It is definitely a statement piece as well as a useful protection for your family.

8 diy-creative-and-fun-stair-runners-for-any-home7-500x778

Source: goldenboysandme

This Chevron patterned stair runner is definitely something that would stand out among the rest of your furniture in the house. Do not be afraid to play with colors when it comes to your stair runner. It will definitely give you something unique to use inside the house.

9 diy-creative-and-fun-stair-runners-for-any-home8-500x315

Source: whatemilydoes

This particular design reminds me of a chocolate brown road that leads to the candy palace. It has a whimsical quality to it that can definitely show off the elegance of your home even more.

10 diy-creative-and-fun-stair-runners-for-any-home9

Source: loftandcottage

These are just some of the most inspiring photos that you can get if ever you decide to look for stair runners in the market. Just remember to be creative when it comes to designing your own and you will go places for sure.

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