Wedding Décor Ideas With Fruits

Unlike the usual flowers, you can make use of fruits instead of the floral décor to adorn the place and they will look stunningly beautiful, colorful and juicy tempting too. Listed below are some of the easy to make fruit décor ideas.

fruit wreath

Citrus centerpiece:

Look at this simple centerpiece that is very easy to make as you just need to place the citrus fruits in a long line place above its leaves and they will instantly decorate the table. It is easy to make and you can cover up the place even in last minute.

citrus centerpiece

Floating fruit décor:

You can place these floating décor almost anywhere to decorate the place and the tall vase can be filled with fruits and water, along with a floating candle on top of it to make it look decorative.

floating fruit decor

Jack-o-lantern fruit cup:

How cute is this jack-o-lantern fruit cup where you can scrape the interiors of an half cut orange and cute shapes like eyes and place the fruit salad in it and place it on the dessert table, this will look innovative and very catchy too.

fruit cups

Fruits in a crate:

If you are arranging for a pre wedding party at home, decorate the dining table with a crate filled with fruits and some lush green leaves. You can also cut some fruits, decorate it with other small fruits by attaching on top of it to make the crate look beautiful.

fruits in crate

Pineapple vase:

Make a flower vase out of pineapple or maybe ripe pumpkin. You can crave the inners of the fruit and neatly arrange the flowers in it and place the fresh vase on the table where the fragrance of the vase and the flower will make it very pleasant.

pineapple vase

Refreshing centerpiece:

Place small juice or milk bottles filled with flavored drinks and some cut fruits in it, this can be placed on every table where guests can delightfully enjoy them while they are seated.

refreshing centerpiece

Rose berry décor:

Place a bunch of rose berries on the table to make it look very inviting and tempting. These rose berries are nothing but simple strawberries cut beautifully like rose and attached to sticks.

rose berry

Table number fruit crate:

Fill a crate with the entire farm fresh fruits in it and attach table numbers to it and not only will this look beautiful but your guests can also enjoy the fruits as they dine.

table number

Tall colorful centerpiece:

Take a tall glass jar and fill it with some water, flowers and fruits and tall jar is ready for display.

tall colorful centerpieces


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