Wedding Décor With Garlands

Decorating weddings or any occasion with garlands will make the ceremony look beautifully adorned. You can make garlands out of various things to make it look unique and beautiful.

ribbon garlands

Cardboard disc garland:

Look at this beautiful and glossy cardboard disc garland where you can cut out circular cardboard discs are paint it or cover it with metallic paint or sheets and furthermore you can even dust glitters on top of it to make it look glittering.

cardboard discs

Crystal garland:

This is an expensive garland where the centerpiece is decorated with hanging crystals and this will look beautiful especially under bright lights where they get beautifully reflected and will shimmer in glowing lights. You can also add votives to the edge of each garland to add charm to it.

crystal garland

Floral garland backdrop:

This is one of the usual garland types where you can make use of floral garlands to decorate the place and instead of using it elsewhere you can make use of this garland as a backdrop and they will look colorfully stunning.

flower garland backdrop

Leaf garland table runner:

Leaf swags and garlands will look unique than the usual floral garlands and you can make use of one such leaf garland to decorate the table. This unique table runner will look very good for a large and lengthy dining table.

leaf garland table runner

Paper ring garlands:

You can make several colorful paper rings out of different colorful paper materials like gift wraps, invites, magazines and scrape paper and join it by inter linking it with each other and make lengthy garlands.

paper ring garland

Pearl garland aisle décor:

Another lavish and most pretty garland is to make one out of pearls. You can join beautiful pearls in a row to form large chains of garlands and adorn the aisles using these pearls. Additionally matching flowers can be added to further enhance the looks of the aisle.

pearl garland aisle decor

Photo garlands:

Look at these creative garlands made out of photos attached to the strings with the help of clothespin. Several such rows of photo strings can be added to the place to make it look extraordinary.

photo garland

Pom pom garlands:

Make a fluffy garland out of colorful pom pom and wind it around trees, along the ceiling in neat rows or anywhere you feel that it will add charm. These garlands are very easy to make as you just need to make several pom poms before you can attach them to the strings.

pom pom garland

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