4 Ways to Recreate Hooks for Your Own House

If you want to have the best and most unique design project that you can have at home, why don’t you try a recycling your old hooks or thinking about new ways to use them. Fortunately for you, this article will help you try and gain some ideas as to how you can do just that without much difficulty. Just read on and you will find out exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals of repurposing old hooks in the future.

First off, you can start by using your old plastic toys and sticking them into the walls as hooks. You can either paint them a bright neon color or just wash them clean and let them stay as is. However you choose to do it, this is the best way for you to recycle old choice without spending too much money.

1-nursery hooks

Source: Say Yes

You can also use old building blocks as hooks. The good thing about this is that you can use it in whichever room you want to and not just in a kid’s room. All you have to do is drill a hole inside each block and repaint them a different color. And you will have everything you need to create a brand new hook for your home sooner rather than later.

2-bathroom hooks

Source: The House of Smiths

Another way for you to create a brand new hook for your home is to use stray branches from the backyard. It will surely give your house a rustic looking coat rack for sure. You can either do a single branch or as many as you want. All you need to do is to paint them whatever color you wish and you’ll get everything you need without even having to leave your house. Do not worry about messing up. A great thing about this is that you don’t have to spend anything to possibly replace the branches. You can just clean them up and reuse them afterwards.

3-branch hooks

Source: Scandinavian Deko

If you have old spoons in Ford’s that you don’t use any more or are mismatched, this is the perfect way to reuse them in the future. You can just try to recreate them into hooks in the kitchen or any other room in the house. You can use them for hanging coats or bags. Just attachment to a board like the one in the picture and you will get an additional storage area for all your clothing apparel whether for cooking or otherwise.

4-silver hooks

Source: Real Simple

These are just some of the major projects that you can do with your old utensils and other belongings.  Who says that you have to throw them out? You just have to be really creative and find another use for them such as these hooks. Happy recreating!

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