7 creative Under Stairs Storage Ideas

If you want to have uniquely different ways of storing your belongings, you should definitely consider using your stairs as one of your storage units. It is definitely one of the best ways for you to maximize your own storage area if you have limited resources when it comes to space. Here some possible steps that you can do in order for you to build a storage unit into your stairs.

First of all, you can either use the steps itself as a storage unit. You can do this by building drawers into the steps. It will certainly be inconspicuous and you can even use it as a secure vault for all your valuables. Just look at that picture below to see how it would look.


Source: Apartment Therapy

You can also use the space under the stairs just like this one. You can also create some cabinets behind the stairs such as these.


Source: DIY and Built

If you want, you can also put some drawers underneath the carpeting of the stairs. It will certainly be a good hiding place for sure. You will never regret using this design.


Source: Saving 4 Six

Aside from this, you can also put doors directly in front of the stairs to ensconce your belongings even further. This will increase the security and safety of your storage area under the stairs for sure.


Source: Popular Mechanics

If you don’t want to use doors, you can just opt for additional shelving on the side of your stairs. It will just be like building your home office under stairs. Only smaller and much more compact in area.


Source: Dwell Candy

Here is another example of storage on the side of the stairs. It is definitely something amazing to look at in terms of design and function. I would definitely try it for myself eventually.



Source: Offshore CPA

You can also use sliding doors when it comes to keeping your storage area locked under stairs. Having doors under stairs would be very convenient for privacy and can easily be updated if necessary. What a fresh coat of paint, your stairs will definitely be brand new in no time.



Source: Instructables

These are just some of the most ingenious ways for you to figure out how you can incorporate storage into your stairs effectively. Remember that it only takes a little bit of mechanical know how and imagination to make it work. Because of this, you should not be afraid to try anything new in terms of under stairs storage. I am sure that you will enjoy installing it as much as looking at the finished product.

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