DIY Birthday Décor Ideas

Decorating for birthday of your beloved little ones are one of the most interesting things that one can do. Your little ones will feel the most excitement and joy in looking at the vibrancy and beautifully decorated place with crafts and they can boast in joy among their friends.

popsicle melons

Balloon decoration:

Balloons hold much importance in the decoration of birthday parties, and especially in young ones parties. Instead of using helium balloons you can hang the balloons with colorful ribbons from the ceiling to giving it a floating look.

balloon decoration

Banana dolphins:

Look at these cute dolphins made out of bananas as you simply need to slit the stem and you can insert black grapes in it to create a ball like look. Kids will go wild looking at these in the serving table and will enjoy the fruits.

banana dolphins

Bubble bath sundae:

Create unique and interesting take away for kids, as they will carry these returns gifts with joy. These are bubble bath sundaes where you can fill the glass with loofahs and maybe some liquid soap bottles within for they to take back home.

bubble bath sundae

Confetti balloons:

Fill the balloons with colorful confetti and you can blow them up to make it look colorful. These transparent balloons with confetti in it will look lovely when blown and later you can burst them to drench into showers of confetti.

fill balloons with confetti

Flower garlands:

This is a simple flower garland where you can fold the colorful paper like you would make a paper fan and then fold them into half staple it and spread it to form a flower. Many such colorful flowers can be made to form a lovely garland.

flower garland

Glitter dip glasses:

You can apply glue to the bottom of the glass and then dip it in glitters to get glitter-dipped glasses. You can make use of these shimmering glasses to serve juices and water during the party.

glitter dip vases

Nail color take away:

Look at these popsicle sticks painted in lovely colors matching the nail colors and you can join them according to the color match and then tie it with a ribbon. These lovely take away will make the little girls happy.

nail color take away

Popcorn cone garlands:

Look at these popcorn cone garlands where you can make simple cones and fill it with pop corn and attach them to the ropes with clothespin. This will look unique as a décor and your guests can enjoy this popcorn as they remove it from the ropes.

pop corn cones

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