Garland Table Runner Ideas

Design unique and different types of table runners during special occasions and make your dining table look very elegant and beautiful.

photo garland

These kind of table runners are easy to make and can be made easily at home. Also you can make use of simple items available at home to make these garland runners.

leaves and flowers

Book page runner:

Collect pages from old books to give a vintage look to the runner and you can join these pages to create as much of length and thickness of the runner. To add more detail to the runner you can add a lace along the borders.

bookpage garland

Burlap runner:

Cut a thick piece of a length burlap and you can create simple designs and wordings on the runner with paint and let it dry before you can place them on the table. This burlap runner will create a simple natural look as a table runner.

burlap runner

Christmas ball garland:

Make a long table garland out of Christmas shiny balls by joining them together with a satin ribbon. This runner will look shiny and gorgeous on a simple tablecloth like white or black.

christmas balls garland

Citrus garland:

Do you have a citrus tree at home? Well you can create this citrus garland with the help of fruits collected from your garden and you can make a table runner with fresh fruits and leaves that will look luscious and inviting.

citrus garland

Doily garland:

There are many of us who like to make doily at home as a pass time or love collecting doilies. You can make use of all these doilies to make a table runner that will look simple and neat for a average looking table.

doily garland

Fall leaves garland:

If it is a season of fall then you can easily make this garland with all the colorful leaves that you come across or even if it isn’t fall you can make this garland if you have the habit of collecting leaves.

fall leaves garland

Paper fan garland:

As a kid we all loved making paper fans during school crafts, and now you can redo the same paper fan to create a table runner that will look unique and beautiful. Various colorful paper fans will make it look colorful and lively.

paper fan garland

Paper cut snowflakes:

Make this simple craft of paper cut snowflakes by folding the paper and cutting it into shapes. These kind of origami crafts can be made use to create beautiful table runner out of just simple and colorful paper.

papercut snowlfakes garland


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