Wedding Bar Design Ideas

How have you planned to display the dessert or drink bar on your wedding day? Well here are some of the creative ideas to make use of the old furniture at home and give it another life on your big day. Listed below are some of the ideas where you can make of furniture to design a bar.

vintage suitcase

crate and a board

Old doors and dresser:

Old doors can be made to stand as a backdrop for the dresser and paint them in similar colors and decorate the dressers with flowers, fruits and leaves and you can make use of it to display the desserts, and place the spoons, forks, straws etc in the drawer.

bar in dresser

Barrel design idea:

Make use of two wine barrels and an old door to design a simple bar display where you can place the wooden door on the two barrels and place all the refreshments on the door.

barrel design idea

Cart décor:

This is one of the vintage ideas to make use of an old cart to design a moving refreshment bar where you can place the fruits, drink and other refreshments on the cart.

cart decor

Simple old table:

Make use of the old table to place the refreshment drinks on it. You can place as many drink stand on the table along with some disposable glasses and maybe decorate the table with some nice fabric cover or flowers to make it look good.

decorated table

Shabby chic drawer:

This is a shabby chic drawer to place the gumball and sweets jar along with some lollipops and candy sticks in the open drawer. Doesn’t it look interesting and cool?


Ladder drink station:

Place planks on the rungs of the ladder and arrange as many drink glasses on the ladder and it can be placed for display. This ladder design can be easily moved and designed to place the drinks on it.

ladder drink station

Old bathtub reuse:

Make use of the old bathtub to fill in the refreshment drink and juice or beer cans within the ice filled tub. It can be placed around some corner where your guests can serve themselves.

old bathtub reuse

Old bench and pallet swing:

This is my favorite idea to implement an old bench and a swing to design a refresh/dessert bar. As you can place cakes and other dessert on the swing and refreshment drink on the bench.

old bench and swing

Old vintage shelf:

An old vintage shelf can be used to arrange the desserts and drinks neatly on each of the shelf for the guests to serve themselves.

vintage shelf

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