5 Indoor Plant Substitutes That Can Still Bring Nature Into Your Home

If you are a fan of indoor plants, but do not know how to take care of them properly, then I suggest that you find something else as a substitute in terms of interior design. It is very important for you to make sure that you still capture the essence of nature, even without having plants in your house. So here are some of the possible substitutes that can give you what you want without having difficulty when it comes to plant maintenance in the future.

First of all, you can use dried plants. Have you heard of potpourri or dried plant decorations that can be used in the home? This is exactly what you need to enjoy that natural scent of plants inside the house without having to bring them inside. This will definitely change your perspective on indoor plant designs for sure.

flower substitute 1

You can also use a preserved topiary as part of your indoor plan design. An advantage of using this is that it is extremely low maintenance and can easily blend into the interior design without much hassle. I am sure that you will not regret using this type of access are in the house in the future.

flower substitute 2

You can also use knockoffs or fakes to create indoor plant designs for your house. You don’t have to use the real thing. All you need to do is to find some similar objects that you can use to decorate your house with. I am sure that this will create a similar effect for your house as soon as you use them.

flower substitute 3

As a substitute for indoor plants, why don’t you use other natural resources such as crystals to decorate your house? This will certainly make up for the lack of greenery inside your house because crystals are rare forms of rocks that can definitely be a good conversation starter for parties and future gatherings in your home.

flower substitute 4

You can also use paintings and other art pieces that are inspired by nature. This will certainly make up for you not having plants in your house because the colors and lines will certainly evoke the same feeling talked tranquility in your guests and yourself for sure. If I were you, I will not let the chance to redecorate my house with natural art pieces pass me by.

flower substitute 5

These are just some of the major indoor plant substitutes that you can use for your own future house. Indoor plants certainly will bring a natural vibe in the house, but if you cannot afford to have plants inside the house for whatever reason, these nature inspired decorations will certainly be the next best thing.

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