10 Interesting Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

Decorating a small apartment living room is a challenge. Making the room look spacious is a hard task. You can actually make the room twice as large with these small apartment living room ideas. In this article, you will find some simple ideas for making your living room look spacious and bright.

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Position the Accessories Properly and Add Vibrant Color

In decorating small rooms, you need to keep clutter to a minimum. Add some brightly colored accessories and accents to add interest and depth. You can add a large vase with fresh flowers, a huge candle and a painting on one wall to add color keeping the other area spacious and open.

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Do not Overcrowd Your Living Room

All you need in your living room is a coffee table, sofa and chair. You can add a small bookshelf in a corner where you can place your magazines and books with small lamp on top. Place the furnishings against the wall so you will have a free space in the center of the room so you can walk through in the area easily. You can also add a brightly colored accent rug in this area for more texture and color.

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Allow Natural Light to Get In

Your living room will look bigger when it is filled with natural light. Many apartments come furnished with mini blinds, but if you want to make the room look bigger there is an effective way to do it to make it look bigger. Hang a curtain rod that is twice the width of the window, use brightly or light colored sheers that are pulled back on both sides. You can hang the rod near the ceiling to have an impression that the window is tall.

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Use Light Colors to Expand the Room Visually

Use light colored furnishings in your apartment. It will make the rooms look bigger. Light colored furniture will visually increase space. Dark colored make the space smaller. Consider pastel peach, light sand, butter yellow as well as other light colors for upholstery, curtains and accent rugs. You can add some splashes of color with accent throw pillows.

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To add more storage and keep the mess at the bay find a plastic storage bins that you can store under the bed, or buy a coffee table designed for living room with drawers underneath. Through this you will be able to keep those items that you don’t need often stored away and stored until you need them.

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