How To Decorate With Red And Grey

When you bring together two incredible colors, like fierce, vibrant, fiery Red, and cool, comforting Grey, you get a knock-out combination of electric, stylish, and chic. To pull off this magic in your own home, check out our tips for achieving the best red and grey looks:

How To Decorate With Red And Grey

Red furniture against a grey wall looks stunning. Check out this perfect Fulu China Cabinet, made to suit any breakfast corner!

 Red And Grey living room

To really spruce things up, you can hang amazing works of red art on those grey walls too! And it doesn’t end there, you can use red accents, red furniture, throw pillows…the possibilities are endless. Red and Grey is a sound combination that works.

 Grey room with red accents

grey kitchen with red accents

Another amazing way to incorporate red and grey is by having some pieces of furniture or accents complement an Ivory or Eggshell painted wall. Fresh, artsy, and incredible to look at. You’ll love the energy that the room will possess.

modern grey and red interior design

Mixing in some black fix ins to your space will bring in some edge and elegance that will always register as timeless. These colors have the perfect kick, harmony, and balance.

light grey nursery with red accents

And to answer your question, you can pull this off for your baby’s nursery! A sure fire way for your bundle of joy to wake up in all smiles, and it’s incredibly chic too. What’s not to love? From a red elephant, to a red stripped wall, go ahead and throw in a few punches of red to breathe life into your space. Good luck, and have fun!

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