Tropical Bathrooms That Scream Summer

When we think about the Great Escape, we always have a special place in our hearts for a tropical getaway. However, we don’t need to go all the way to the Bahamas to get our fix of coconuts, palm trees, and the sun. Okay, you won’t get a great tan in your bathroom, but you will have an amazing decor that screams summer! We’ve out together the best style tips to bring the tropics to your bathroom.

Inspired by the Sea

The Little Mermaid in all of us is flapping her fins in ecstasy. This number pays homage to the beauty and mystery of the deep blue sea. The mosaic details and rich colors all call for a Caribbean escapade.

pretty tropics theme

It’s all about the blues, baby. This rich, deep color evokes the waves and the sound of sea gulls not too far away. Coupled with some amazing fish net draperies? It’s a party in Atlantis and you’re invited!

breeze style

Let’s not forget the magic that turquoise always brings to the table. You’ll be channeling beach vibes minus the fish.

fresh style

Nothing says nautical like sea shells! How can you forget sea shells in a tropical themed bathroom? These bring so much energy into the space, and it’s the perfect accent too.

sea shells love

Surrounded by Plants

The tropics and the greenery will always be happy together in holy matrimony. Achieving a tropical themed bathroom that has a dose of summer in every corner is easy. All you need to do is add plants. Yep, it’s as easy as that. deck out your sacred space with some fresh, green, plants. A great arrangement of flowers and greenery make all the difference.


Celebrate nature in all its glory by having plants outside of your bathroom, too! Take the tropical feel full on!Doesn’t this bathroom look amazing?


Take your decorating skills to a whole new level by creating your very own rain forest! Well, sorta. Take a look at this ravishing display of tropical embellishment and lush greenery. It looks like a dream

diy tropical design


elegant bathroom with tropical motif

Decked out in Wooden Details

Wood, in all its simplicity, brings a nautical, elegant, and warm touch to anything you mix it with. Coupled with other materials that channel a more rustic, ocean vibe such as exotic flowers, you’re all set!


The mirrors, stone tub, and delicate blooms all make this bathroom look like one that’s out of a magazine!

wooden detail

The rich, lush detailing in this next bathroom will give you a run for your money. The modern twist on this summer resort like bathroom coupled with the wicker basket and white towels makes you feel like you’re on vacation!

summer themed bathroom design

The wooden details, white trim, accent little boat, white towels, and chic window panes…excuse me while I drown in my tears of envy. Get the look by recreating it within your own home! Incorporate pieces of wood, clean lines, and white. Nothing says paradise like freshly pressed towels and the smell of the ocean, or in this case, the feel of it.


i had fun, I hope you did too. Enjoy!


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