Young and Hip Teen Lounge – Teen Room Designs

Having a place to call their own is extremely important for teens nowadays. They would need a place to entertain their friends without much parental supervision. If having this kind of area in the house will definitely boost their confidence in themselves when it comes to facing others if without having to seek their parents’ approval.

This is why it is important for you to create a teen lounge for the young ones. It will give them a sense of individuality without sacrificing your time with them as their own parent. This article will focus on giving you design tips on various teen lounges of different shapes and sizes. Here are some of these ideas as follows:

First is a simple yet very sophisticated teen lounge. With a combination of colors blue and white, definitely reminds me of the beach for some reason. Your teens will certainly enjoy having their friends over and staying in this area for hours in a day.

 Teen Lounge  design

Source: Wow Great Place

Secondly, you can let your teens use the color that they want to put in the room. As you can see in this picture, the bright yellow certainly reflects the teenager’s shiny personality. This will definitely suit a young girl’s taste when it comes to color schemes.

bright teen-lounge design

Source: Studioh-Int

If you want a monochromatic scheme with a dash of color for the teen lounge, this is the perfect lounge design for you. Your young daughter or son will definitely enjoy having their friends over in this particular room for sure.

teen-lounge-monochromatic color scheme

Source: Grace Blu

This is a teen lounge that will fit a young girl’s personality without a doubt. The bright colors and overall design of the room brings about a cheerful and relaxed ambiance for anyone who would use it. It is definitely something that you should try to do for your own daughter in the future.

teen girl lounge , pink and blue -design


Source: D2 Interiurs

In this particular picture, you can see a more sophisticated and modern teen lounge design. If your son or daughter has a more mature taste when it comes to designing and color scheme, this is the perfect idea that you can work with along with your son or daughter.

modern teen lounge design

Source: Vis Been

The next picture will be a good idea if you plan to use your child’s former playroom and possibly turn it into such a hip and cool lounge that the friends can hang out in. This is a great example of transitioning between a child’s playroom to a much more adult space without compromising creativity.

creative teen-lounge-design

Source: Kropa Interior Design

These are just some of the ideas that you can do for your team lounge in the future. To ensure its success, you should definitely give your son or daughter the chance to contributes some of their own ideas for the lounge. This way, they would really feel that this particular space in the house truly belongs to them. It will also help them deal with a little amounts of responsibility which will definitely prepare for future challenges ahead.

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