How To Brighten Space With Yellow Curtains

What better way to embellish your curtains than with a beautiful set of bright yellow curtains! Breathe life into your space, brighten the atmosphere, and give yourself a sense of privacy. All while creating a gorgeous, light, space. Check out the article for more tips on how you too can brighten your space with yellow curtains.


This gorgeous shade of yellow, plus extra long curtain length and colorful accents make this room look like a page out of a magazine.


Remember to coordinate the color of your curtains with that of your furniture and carpeting!


Accent pillows for your curtains? Smart.


Patterns are a great way to add character, from your plushies to your curtains. Enjoy the fun mix of color and geometric beauty. Taking into account the type of fabric, texture, size, as well as design can make or break your vibrantly-colored curtains. Pay attention to the details, and have fun exploring different color schemes. You’ll never know what surprises you. Keep the balance, and let the curtains do their thing, and wow you.


They never fail to stand out, in the best way.


Certain shades of yellow are complementary to your wooden floors, and blend well together.


Yellow loves to play with contrasting shades of grey and blue.



They brighten up the place, with or without the help of the sun.


For a bold twist, black and yellow provide amazing contrast.


For maximum brightness, and to amp up the light and airy feel, throw in some white into the mix. White is another color that’s perfect for brightening up your space, looking classic, and giving the appearance of a larger room.


Yellow is the color to beat for the summer heat. Big, bright, and the not tacky in the least.



Paisley is always a sweet idea, adding personality and texture to those dainty curtains. A welcome, feminine touch in any home.


Grey and yellow look stunning together, don’t you think? Grey’s cool plus yellow’s warmth is a match made in color scheme heaven.


Beige + Yellow = Gorgeous. The soft, wood color is perfect for styling, and looks exceptionally well when paired with bold colors such as Yellow. It reigns it all in quite beautifully, while still allowing the yellow to get the right kind of attention it deserves.


Pale yellow, with light blue and turquoise, gives such a dreamy feel. Let these colors bring in a sense of calm, while having cheerful yellow brighten your day.



Dynamic, from pastel to screaming shades, yellow curtains never fail to deliver the promise of bright, light, and airy. The perfect color for uplifting even the dullest of rooms and most sunken spirits. (Hemingway, is that you?) We hope you enjoyed looking at all these fantastic yellow curtain ideas-perfect for bringing in the sunshine into your humble abode- because we did. Good luck, and have fun!

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