How to Decorate A Small Nursery

The decoration and effort that goes into creating a beautiful nursery for your baby, on top of all the stress in welcoming your bundle of joy into this world, can all be too much sometimes. From the color and design, to baby proof toys and objects, to worrying about whether your baby likes the animals painted on the wall or not, the struggle is real. But fret not, because we have the solution. You don’t need to go above and beyond, because in most cases, all you really need is a crib, a dresser and a comfy chair, at that’s about it for your top pieces! We’ve prepared  a series of small nurseries that prove it’s possible to maximize your space. A few strategic purchases, a little creativity, presto-change-o!

Contemporary Nurseries

Let’s begin with a contemporary themed nursery that maximizes space! The nursery, with a bird-and-branch-motif wall that is quite the clever distraction from the room’s small size, and is both functional and very cute. Clean-lined furniture de-clutters space instantly.

how to decorate your nursery

Wall art, as well as murals, personalize a space and add your own personal flare to the modest sized nursery.

wall mural for nursery decor

The modern nursery showcases the holy trinity of a nursery: a crib, a changing table, and the ever important comfy chair. Bring them all together with some fabulous draperies and you’re all set!

monochrome diy nursery decor

Having your furnishings in a solid color creates a tidy, pulled together look. Note the white crib, chair, dresser and lamp shade to transform your space.

beautiful nursery inspiration

Make us of all that wall space! Be it for storage or display; books, artwork and stuffed animals add sparkle to the room coupled with clean-lined modern shelving.

diy nursery

Don’t neglect ceiling space! When at a loss for space, get creative and add personality to your ceilings! It makes all the difference. For instance, you can hang a pendant light and watch it breathe life into your baby’s haven.

baby haven

Eye-catching mobiles are always appreciated!


Traditional Nurseries

Paying special attention to your crib like all traditionalists do, is one of the best style tips we can offer when trying to achieve a classic, warm design. The lighting and the tent, as well as the decorations and embellishments in a unifying color make the look.

gorgeous decor motif

The soft colors and beautiful crib tent give the room an enchanting feel.

beautiful crib tent

Transform your walls by either investing on wall paper or having patterns painted on to achieve dimension, and to make a statement.

elegant baby room

Eclectic Nurseries

Eclectic spaces cleverly blend an array of design styles. This nursery integrates elements of modern and traditional design. Make the most of your wall space, even the space under the windows.

window embellishment

This gorgeous space combines vintage and modern in one go. Alongside the eye-catching mural, we’re loving the minimal décor and uncluttered feel.

mural diy

The chain-link rug is the deal breaker in this space. It gives off a modern old regency style vibe. Using carpets for can bring the look look together by unifying all the pieces within the room.

funky nursery design

The use of stripes and horizontal lines make the small room seem bigger. How amazing does this nautical nursery look?

striped wall motif

Elegant Nurseries

Nothing knows elegant better than monochrome does. The grey and taupe notes, along with the chandelier lamp is beyond gorgeous.

elegant nursery style

Incorporate artistic accents while playing up the charming qualities of the room.

pretty decorations

You can always add tall shelves that maximizes the room you have. They can hold decorative details and books, and serve as wonderful accents to the room.

delicate nursery decor for your baby


May you and your baby revel in the beauty of your new nursery. Have fun, and congratulations on your beautiful bundle of joy!

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