Wooden Pallets: Pros And Cons

I think we can all agree that we’ve had a DIY project or two that didn’t end up the way we wished it did. The question “What If” will always, always suck. “What if it looks good?” “what if it doesn’t?”. Luckily, we have your solution for one very easy tutorial. Want to figure out if wooden pallets are for you? Never to fear, Decozilla is here!


wooden pallet

So, as we all know,  wooden pallets are all the rage. However, we’re here to shed some light on the negative side of this chic style option. First off, these wooden pallets are prime breeding places for bacteria, namely Salmonella and E coli. Yikes!


Another fuss factor would be having to keep them dry at all times! Getting them wet, or damp, results in some pretty nasty fungus growth. Not cool.



Okay, so aside from being incredibly chic and totally budget friendly (yay!),  using wooden pallets couldn’t be any easier! They are so versatile, and you can work them into any space fairly easy, thanks to its warm and rustic nature. An added bonus? If you ever end up damaging your wooden pallet, no sweat! You can have them repaired in a jiffy, or leave it be, because they live for the worn and torn look. It even makes them look better! What’s not to love?

bed space

coffee-table chic


office-pallet style

Another silver lining? Wooden pallets can be recycled. You see these guys everywhere, from the storage, to the living room, and your walls. The best part? They’re all natural, recycled, and accessible.The next DIY project you’ll be happy you did is anything that has to do with these guys. We hope we helped you make up your mind. Good luck, and have fun!


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