DIY Projects to Keep the Home Organized

Are you a neat freak? If so, it is safe to say that you are trying to find brand new ways to get yourself organized. If the answer is yes, this article can help you become even more organized than you were before. How so? By giving you some ideas as to what you can do to keep your belongings in order and out of the way most of the time.

Initially, what you can do is to make your very own mail station. As you can see in this picture, you can use this particular contraption to house all your important mail and papers to keep it organized at home.


Source: ninemsn

Secondly, you can create your very own family binder. This is where you can keep all your reminders and post it notes to keep your personal and family activities on schedule.


Source: thirtyhandmadedays

Next, it would help for you to make your very own closet organizer like this one. This is just composed of a single framed board with some hooks attached to it. This way, you will have a place to store all your accessories without having to look for them constantly elsewhere.


Source: lookiewhatidid

You can also have a schedule board like this one. This way you can keep all your appointments in order of own with those of your family. This will certainly help with those was hectic schedules every day.


Source: somewhatsimple

Also, for those who don’t have much space in your bedroom, you can try having this rolling book basket for all your favorite reading materials. It is truly space saving because you can just roll it under the bed for storage when necessary.




Source: justthebeesknees

If you’re looking for a place to store all your art materials like poster paint, this is the perfect project for you. You can use PVC wires to create this particular contraption.



Source: madincrafts

On the other hand, if you have limited space in your home, this particular do it yourself organizer is one of the best ideas that you can do for keeping your space neat and clean. This is where you can keep all your phone messages and notes for easy retrieval in the future.


Source: modpodgerocksblog

You can also turn your hallway into a storage space by installing some hooks for hanging. If you want, you can also install some doors to hide this particular area of the house.


Source: positivelysplendid

In addition to this, you can also install some containers on the walls of your kitchen to help you organize some of your mail and other possible correspondence in the future. This will make it easier for you to remember all that you have to do for the day.


Source: domesticimperfection

Lastly, you fill this down all of the chores that your children need to do for the day and post them on the walls using a chart like this. This way, you won’t have to constantly nag them about doing their chores all the time.


Source: thewinthropchronicles

Hopefully, these simple DIY projects will help you keep yourself and your family organized all the time. Just click the links to learn more about the projects.

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