How to hang decorative plates on wall

The great thing about hanging wall plates is the amount of options you have: with so many design options in terms of color, size, and shape, you’re bound to find dozens of styles you’d want to try for yourself. Decking your wall out with plates is a fun way to decorate your home. With just the right amount of elegance and sophistication, transform your wall into a gorgeous canvas with the help of your beloved china. Let’s get started!


You can hang your babies right up on your wall with a couple of sneaky tricks, such as a simple plate hanger so you could salvage a plate or two for dinner if you feel like it, attach a nail and have it hooked on with some thin rope, or for something a little bit more permanent, you can some heavy-duty glue to have it stay put. This project is the perfect budget friendly DIY for getting walls that scream awesome. To get them done yourself, you’re going to need: a couple of plates that come in various shapes, sizes, colors and patterns of your choice, super glue, metal picture hangers, screws, drill with a Philips head screw driver bit, and lastly, a Dremel or Dremel attachment for your drill.


Begin by attaching the hangers onto the plates, one for each plate. You can mark your plates the hangers go on nice and precise.


Take those Dremels, and begin placing them on top of your markings. They’ll serve as a better surface for you to attach glue on. A decent-sized amount of super glue should do the trick. after 30 minutes of drying time, try testing out your handiwork by picking the plate up by the dremel. It should hold nice and firm.


Now for the drilling bit! A sure-fire way to have those plates on nice and sturdy is by having them stuck on with nails. Drill your nails into space, with respect to the design and proximity you want your plates to follow in. Make sure the nails don’t stick out too far so that the plates are planted closer to the wall.


A great way to start is by starting with your central plate. Build up from there. A nice tip would be tracing out the spots where you want your plates to be in their exact circumference for a more precise design. Once you’ve attached the nails to the wail, let the fun begin!

a wall with decorative plates

hanging plates diy

decorative plates on a wall

Viola! Congratulations on making it through the entire tutorial! We expect satisfactory results for when you take a stab at this incredibly easy DIY. For this look, we decided to go old school and went with a blue wall with pristine, glossy white plates. Simple always turns out to be quite the charmer, wouldn’t you agree?

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