DIY: Mid-Century Dresser Makeover

Great mid-century design concepts and features don’t have to be mega glamorous and stressful fuss. All a great dresser calls for is  simplicity and natural shapes. Furniture from that period is loved for its elegance and beautiful lines, and to give it a modern twist, we’ve rounded up the best tips on how you can give that dresser of yours a make over you’ll be over the moon for. Check out the interesting line up we have for you:


Get this! The geometrically adorned dresser was created and  transformed using tape! Sometimes, all you need is some paint-perhaps a pint or two of paint in a killer color combo- and trusty tape is all you need to get the show on the road. Dresser courtesy of theweathereddoor.


Aside from all that handiwork that involves tape, you could always just opt for cool lines and free-flowing designs and art work. Less fuss, and you can let your creative juices flow and produce something uniquely personal and wonderful! Have your hand at drawing anything you want on your mid-century modern dresser. Have a ball mixing things up and incorporating it into the decor.  Brought to you by marthaleonedesign



visualheart knows just as well as anyone that a great pop of color is perfect for breathing life into that dresser! From gorgeous colors such as mint green to rich ones such as copper, the combinations and shades are endless. Check out this dresser with its clean, beautiful color. Vibrant and classy, as any dresser should be.


Speaking of which, incorporating some direction with that paint job makes for some fabulous style designs. Say, painting your dresser with a fresh coat of white. Instead of going all the way, save a portion in that beautiful dark wood color. Bingo! Thank you,  theweathereddoor.


clean style

For this pristine look, have your dresser outlined in some glossy white paint. It’ll have the effect of clean lines and style without all the fuss of having to pick out a color. The natural beauty of wood coupled with white always know how to make an elegant statement. This chic, almost untouched dresser, via  theweathereddoor


Heck! White is such a pretty color, why not paint your whole dresser in it? Tres magnifique!  sarahmdorseydesigns shows us how it’s done, and boy did she do it right.



ciburbanity believes that creating a bright and fun environment is the perfect way to give your dresser that fresh new look.


For a more elegant flourish, having your dresser stand out in a dark, rich color is the perfect way to embody classic style. This ebony dresser has all the dark allure and texture to it; it has some grain to it, which lends more warmth. Coupled with a pop of color such as a vase filled with flowers, and you’re all set! This and more on  desertdomicile


Finally, to embody that vintage, retro glam, paint your dresser in a fresh color and add key accent pieces to it! Go grab that dresser from Ikea, sand, prime, and viola. via heartsandsharts

Good luck, and have fun!

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