Adorn Home With Paper Crafts

Aren’t paper crafts simple, easy and cost effective ways to make your home look decorative and beautiful instantly?

wall art

Also, you must’ve done these simple crafts during school days or during summer holidays and its one of the best things to do to recoil those childhood memories back fresh and live again. Bring back those freshness and energetic artistry out of you by crating these simple crafts to adorn your home.

wall decor

Words floral crafts:

These floral crafts are my personal favorite and though they are time consuming they look absolutely ravishing when done. If you are well versed in making paper flowers you can make this craft at home by cutting out letters out of cardboard and fill it with sponge, and then insert flowers into it. Either flowers of dual or multiple colors will look great.

Cardboard crafts

Jar or liners:

Who thought that these simple throw away trash can make beautiful craft work? Yes! Next time you want to throw away those cup cake liners, think twice, for you can save them to turn it into a colorful craftwork by simply stacking it into a glass jar.

colorful table decor

Giant paper flowers/fans:

Make huge or giant paper flowers or paper fans that you once did during childhood days and attach them to the walls of your living room, dining room or even your study room along with some simple cut leaves to make it look beautiful.

giant paper flowers

Musical lanterns:

Have you got musical notes stacked at home? You can make use of few pages out of it by wrapping them around the mason jar and cut out shapes so that light can beautifully seep through it. This will look very elegant and lovely.

lantern decor

Paper coil vase:

Make a paper coil vase by making use of old magazine papers, by simply tightly coiling the papers and sticking them together and them form them into beautiful shapes of your desire. This will look very artistic and colorful.

paper coil vase

Mobile paper craft:

Make a mobile paper craft out of thick chart paper or craft paper by simply cutting out disc shapes, as many as you require and stick them to the thread and suspend them to the embroidery hoop.

paper mobile craft

Pot décor idea:

Re decorate an old pot by making use of the old magazine paper coil technique and closely stick the coils together and cover the pot in such a way that the pot looks colorful and unique.

pot decor

Storage box idea:

You can cover the old storage boxes with gift wrappers and turn them into beautiful storage boxes and make them look unique and presentable.

storage decor

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