Burlap Home Décor Ideas – DIY

Burlap material is one of the cheapest materials that you can get in bulk and if you already have it at home you can make use of them to adorn the things in your house to enhance the beauty, style and add décor to it.There are various ways by which you can implement the simple burlap in your home.

printed burlap

Bed skirt décor:

Make simple ruffles around the bed by making simple hem around the corner of the cloth of each layer. These beautiful layers together will make a ruffled bed skirt for your bedroom and you can additionally add matching pillow covers out of burlap material.


Burlap covered votives:

These are burlap and lace border décor votives that can adorn your shelves and altars. The votive is matched with a tall vase that is also decorated with a lace border burlap material that will make the décor item look pretty. Tie these materials with lace or twine to add décor.

burlap votives

Kitchen valance:

Create a kitchen valance or blinds with burlap material as you can attach some hooks to them at regular intervals and some satin bows to make it look beautiful. This will add rustic beauty to your kitchen and one of the cost effective ways to decorate your kitchen too.

kitchen valance

Mason jar décor:

You can wrap the Mason jar with burlap material and fill them with flowers and add table numbers to it and place them on the tables to make it like table number arrangement décor on your wedding arrangement décor.

mason jar decor

Photo décor:

Just take a wooden piece and brush some paint on it and let it dry and later you can wrap it with some twine and with help of some clothespin attach a photo to it. Glue a burlap bow to the corner and make it look decorative.

photo decor

No sew place setting décor idea:

This is a no sew place setting décor idea where you can make use of the holes in the burlap to join the sides with twine of ribbon by folding it into two and place the place setting essentials in it.

place setting idea

Rustic décor:

This is an old rustic bucket that is given a new look by wrapping around a burlap material with a large fabric bow that gives it a rustic beauty. Place this bucket in the bathroom or follow similar décor style for other buckets in your house.

rustic decor

Storage boxes:

Just glue the storage boxes and wrap them with some glue and let it dry for sometime, by doing this way you can turn old born storage boxes, shoe boxes and other boxes into attractive storage boxes with names attached to it.

storage boxes


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