Creative DIY Bookends

Make creative bookends with various simple materials already available at home and they will come handy in helping you arranging books anywhere on the shelf or table not requiring a bookshelf.

driftwood ends

winecork ends

Bricks bookend:

This is a simple brick bookend where all you need is two bricks and you can spray paint the bricks and paint some designs on it. Just place the bricks on the table with some space between them and you can place some books in between them.

bricks bookend

Mason jar with some fresh flowers:

Fill the Mason jar with some water and cut some fresh flowers and place them within the Mason jar and make use of them as a bookend. This will look refreshing and beautiful! You can also place pebbles in the Mason jar if you are not able to replace fresh flowers everyday and place faux flowers in it.

mason jar ends

Pvc pipes décor bookend:

Take some pvc pipes and spray paint them with golden or metallic silver paint to make it look attractive and you can glue them to the table and make use of it like bookends. You can cut the pvc pipes in different heights to make it look interesting than everything of standard and same height.

pvc pipes decor

Rock end book corner:

This is a rock end where all you need is some rocks from your garden and you can wash them, dry it and spray paint it in attractive colors and add designs on top of it and simply place the rocks on top of the table or shelf wherever you want to create a bookend.

rock ends

Just a block of rustic wood:

This is a block of rustic wood that is used a bookend where you can further adorn it by hanging a picture frame and lay a wooden plank or flat wood as a base for your books to add more looks to the bookend.

rustic wood

Sand filled fabric end:

This is a sand filled fabric end where all you need is a pillow cover with designs and colors and fill it up with some sand and sew all the four sides and make use of it as a book end.

sand filled fabric end

Succulent bookend:

Fill a glass jar with pebbles and you can grow succulents in it and make use of this fresh greenery as a bookend.

succulent bookend

Toys bookend:

Your kids toys can also be used as bookends as you can make use of wooden toys and attach them to the wooden blocks and spray paint them fully in solid colors to make it look like beautiful blocks of bookends.

toys bookends

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