Dalmatian Print Home Décor Ideas

Black and white combination usually has the magic of beauty and instant style to it and you can incorporate this combination of black and white in the form of Dalmatian print home décor to make it look unique than the usual black and white.

printed cushion cover

These black spots on a white background will give the magical touch of beauty to any décor idea where you would love to implement it.

paper bag decor

Bedroom wall décor:

This bedroom walls are decorated with Dalmatian print as a backdrop behind the headboard, as the wall is also decorated with white framed and gold-framed wall décor with a golden hook wall décor. The black and white matching cushion cover is also matched to that of the wall to made it look very beautiful.

bedroom wall decor

Curtain cover:

The curtain cover is a transparent material with a Dalmatian print that is matched to the white walls and the grey cushion chair that is placed near it with a multi color floral printed cushion on to top of it.

curtain decor

Throw cushion cover décor:

This throw cushion cover is of a black spot in a white background that matches the beautiful and simple white room with white walls, white furniture, and white lampshade that is matched with a black and white striped carpet on the floor with a Dalmatian print cushion cover on the chair.

cushion decor

Dalmatian dot planter idea:

Instead of marking the dots on all the pots this home décor interior style is so stylish that the white background with pure white potters are matched with just a single large pot with spots that makes it stand out from the rest of the batch.

dalmatian dot planter

Dalmatian print tray:

This is a diy Dalmatian print tray where a wooden tray is spray painted with white on the interior and then marked with black spots on it. Let it air dry and you can make use of it like a stylish painted tray.

dalmation print tray

Famed wall décor:

You can simply frame a Dalmatian printed-paper décor or a fabric decor and make it adorn the walls for your home. You can keep a simple flower vase in front of the frame to make the entire setting look very beautiful.

framed decor

Lampshade décor:

The lampshade is a stylish one with a Dalmatian print with a black stand, you can design your home with one such stand with surrounding white interiors to make the lampshade standout.

lampshade decor

Patterned wall:

This is an entire patterned wallpaper décor with Dalmatian print that gives a unique look to the room and the room is adorned with a golden frame glass bookshelf.

patterned wall


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