DIY Dog Cushion Ideas- Pet Cuddle

Taking care of your pets is one of the interesting things for many of us and it is as important for to provide facility for our pets as we love and cuddle them. Listed below are some of the beautiful ideas in creating lovely DIY dog cushions for your adorable pets.

galvanized tub

Inverted coffee table:

This is an inverted coffee table that looks mush like a four-poster bed with cushion placed on it with a small pillow. You can also invert the drawers in it as you can make use of it for storage purpose.

coffee table

Old crate bed:

This is an old crate bed this is made out of crate material and all you need is just a crate and some cushions to make a bed and your bed will just feel comfy and loved with this cushion made especially for him.

crate bed

Repurposed crib:

If you have an old crib at home you can repurpose the crib and make use of that crib for your pet dog and turn it into his bed and play pen. Just make one of the doors as a detachable one for easier access for your dog to walk in and out.

crib bed


This is a nightstand with drawers removed and you can fill the empty space with cushions and decorate the entrance with curtains and place a small stand near by with bowls filled with food in it.

night stand

Old table turned into a bed:

This is old furniture turned into a bed with tassel décor at the top borders to make it look adorable and beautiful zebra print cushions to give it an attractive look. Even your little kid would love this nook along with pet.

old furniture

Old pvc pipes:

This is an old pvc pipes that is joined along the four sides and soft satin material is inserted into the pipes like curtains to make it look like a soft and satin silk bowl that will make your pet feel soft and comfortable.

old pvc pipes

Old tv console converted into bed frame:

This is a tv console frame that is converted into a bed frame with cushions in it and will look very unique and beautiful also very much comfortable for your little pup.

old tv console

Storage bed:

The storage bed can also be used as a cushion for your little pet where you can lay some cushions on the storage drawers and let your dog lay by your side at night time.

storage bed

Tire cushion:

Spray paint the tire and place a cushion within the tires and it can be placed in the nook where your pet pup can play and rest.

tyre bed

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