Efficient And Useful Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen is a place where you need lots of space and yet you never go enough of it. There is always a need for more and listed below are some of the cost effective ways by which you can organize your kitchen in a way it is in a neat and easily accessible manner.

crate storage idea

These storage ideas are brilliant and very much cost effective.

storage baskets

Driftwood storage idea:

You can make use of a tree branch or driftwood to hold kitchen towels, hang utensils and other lightweight stuff. You can simply place the wood between the brackets in the kitchen wall and it is easier to make and looks good and unique too.

driftwood holder

Board of cups:

Take a wooden board and nail hooks to them and you can hang the coffee mugs to the hooks and finally hang the wooden board to the wall. This will save space and will also help you from preventing the mugs from accidental breakage by placing them on tables after wash.

hang cups in hooks

Hanging mason jars:

You can simply nail the metal lid of the mason jars to the wooden cabinets base and you can just open and close the jar. While the jar is closed it will look like the jars are hanging from the cabinet base.

hanging mason jars

Basket storage:

Baskets are another easier way to organize the things in your kitchen and you can neatly store them all into these wicker baskets. Various kinds of baskets can be used, hanging baskets, one which you can place on the countertops or place in cabinets like drawers.

hanging storage baskets

Hook storage idea:

You can nail small hooks in the cupboard doors and paint the inside of the doors with black paint like blackboard. This will help you to write the measurements of the measurement cup and you can also hang the cups in these hooks for easier access.

hook storage idea

Pot lid organizer:

This is a towel storage rack, and you can store the lids on these rods and it will make it easier for organizing the lids and to place them back on the rack.

pot lid organizer

Rake utensil storage:

Rake utensil storage is another type of storage where you can just use the bottom of the rake and use it to hang the utensils. This type of storage will avoid the clumsy storage and will keep things organized.

rake utensil storage

Shower caddy storage:

This shower caddy storage can be use to store the spices or vegetables that you are going to use for the day and you can carry the caddy and hang it near the cooking area for easier access.

shower caddy rack

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