The Advantage of Using Murphy Beds: The Best Designs For Small Bedrooms

If you would like to have the best when it comes to small bedrooms and how to design them, it is important that you are able to read this article as soon as possible. We will give you some tips on how to design your small bedrooms into a more economical and useful space in the home. If you want to learn more, just read on and you will find out everything that you will need to know for sure.

First of all, here is a small bedroom design that you will also be able to use as a library. It will give you the opportunity to read your favorite books before going to bed easily without any difficulties whatsoever.

Ulisse-Desk-Bed-Closed murphy

Source: resourcefurniture

Secondly, you can also combine your home office and guest bedroom if you have a small space for it. Just make sure to use movable furniture pieces to make it a more successful living arrangement.

Closet-Factory-Office-murphy Bedroom-Bed-Open

Closet-Factory-Office-Guest-murphy Room-Bed-Closed

Source: murphybedlifestyles

As a third option, you can also have a foldable bed attached to the walls if you want. This will make it easier for you to rearrange stuff if you need to work right away. This picture shows you just how to install it into your home office and guest bedroom in one.


Source: montanamurphybeds

In addition to this, you can also hide the bed behind bookshelves like this one. Here is another space saving solution that you can definitely use to your own advantage in the future. Below is also a second example example that you can definitely try out for your own bedroom in the future. All you need to do is have a little bit of creativity and it will definitely go a long way.

Your-Modern-Family-Wall-Bed-Tutorial murphy

IKEA-Billy-Bookshelf-Hidden-Bed murphy

Source: ikeahackers

Additionally, you can also use Murphy beds for a minimalist bedroom idea that you can utilize for this space that it will provide you. It is that only something that you should try using as soon as possible to save time and space in the bedroom.

Minimalist-Fold-Down-Bunk-Beds murphy

Source: resourcefurniture

You can also use space saving Murphy bed ideas in the kid’s bedroom just like this one. This is a foldable Murphy bed that will fit a smaller space in the house such as a kid’s bedroom for example.


Source: casakids

 You can also use a foldable bunk bed that can be brought up to a wall to serve as decoration. It is really important for you to the ingenious when it comes to designing a smaller bedroom. Thankfully, Murphy beds will be years to help you create the bedroom of your dreams without spending too much money.

Milano-Smart-Living-Bed-with-Mural-Closed murphy

Milano-Smart-Living-Bed-with-Mural-Open murphy

Source: milanosmartliving



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