Unique Wedding Invite Ideas

There are various ways by which you can make your wedding look unique and interesting and the first step starts with wedding invitations, as it is the first one that reaches your guests about your wedding. An official notice about wedding and don’t you think it should be unique and special? Well, listed below are some of the beautiful ideas where you can implement on your wedding invitation to impress your guests.

wooden invite

Alice in wonderland invite:

This scroll invite is alice in wonderland theme invite that prompts the readers to open the scroll to read the message and reminds them of the childhood days where they have enjoyed the fantasy stories, and you can implement such a invitation if you are planning for a alice in wonderland themed wedding.

alice in wonderland invite

Cartoon style wedding:

Who said that it always needs to be formal to be official? You can make it casual and humorous too. Look at this funny invitation with cartoon print at the side with sketching of the couple in the wedding attire that brings on the celebration spirit.

cartoon style

Coffee bag invite:

How unique is this invite? “Love is brewing” doesn’t it sound unique? you can think so something unique like this and print a simple card invite and place them within a sac that looks much like coffee bag.

coffee bag

Disco themed wedding:

if you are planning for a disco themed wedding, then bring on the theme style right from the wedding card and let your guests know what the theme is so that they might as dress up accordingly.

disco themed invite

Library invite:

Did you meet up your love in the library? Well print a library invite card with a short love story at the back so that it might sound interesting for your guests to read and remember it for long.

library invite style

Message in a bottle:

By now you must’ve guessed what the theme might be? Yeah it’s a beach style wedding and here the message comes in a bottle and you can save it as a souvenir for the rest of the days.

message in a bottle

Ticket invite:

Are you both a movie freak? Well let your guests know that both of you are interested in movies and the theme is about movies and so goes the ticket invite.

ticket invite

Vintage farm style invite:

this is a beautiful vintage farm style invite with a row of photos at the side taken during your best moments.

vintage farm style



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