Utilizing Darker Curtains for More Design Drama

If you really want to use dark curtains for your bedroom, it is important that you are able to combine it with the right amount of colors to have it either blend in or stand out effectively. Here are some tips that you should remember when doing so.

First of all, you should take your whole design pattern for the bedroom into consideration. Are you looking to have a more traditionally styled bedroom? In that case, dark curtains will certainly do the trick for you.


As a second option, you can also partner it with a lighter shade of blue like this one. This design ploy would be more effective if you are going to use a deep blue shade for the curtain as well.


Third, do not lock yourself into the whole dark equals black mentality. You can use darker shades of other colors as well for your curtains in the bedroom or any other room in the house.

Think-beyond-black-for-the-dark-drapes and curtains

Here is a perfect combination of bright and dark colors that you can certainly appreciate. I would suggest you carry your dark curtains with a brighter and louder color to create a balance between the two.

Eclectic-kitchen-in-London-full-of-color curtains

In addition to this, you can use dark curtains to create an air of elegance in the living room. Just look at this picture, quite beautiful isn’t it?

Exquisite-living-room-with-posh-curtains decor

Here is another elegant bedroom that you can definitely show off to your friends. It will definitely be able to stand out among other bedrooms for sure because of the dark curtains.

Darker-drapes and curtains-look-better-in-larger-rooms

As mentioned earlier, you can find a dark curtains with a bright and dark colors such as these crimson chairs. It will definitely create more character for your living room in the future.


You can also pair up your dark curtains with earth tones such as these ones. Do not hesitate to decorate your dark curtains with various patterns as well to make it blend in even more with your designs.


However, if you want to stick to a monochrome color scheme for your living room, using dark curtains like these can definitely give you what you want and more.

Dark-and curtains drapes-look-as-elegant-as-lighter-whiter-versions-when-used-right

In the case of this particular bedroom, the leather headboards together with darker tones in the curtains definitely helps make this particular bedroom design more cohesive in terms of color scheme.


These are just some of the many design options that you can get with darker curtains as part of your whole design plot. It is that only something that you should consider using especially if you want a more dramatic effect for your interior design plans

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