Wedding Cake Table Décor Ideas

Cake table among all other decorations is comparatively is a small one but holds center of attraction as they hold place in the limelight. Though this is just a moment when you cut the cake doesn’t mean you should leave the table unattended, but rather its an important moment when the couple hold hands together to cut it for the first time and the table should be exquisite, hence the reflection should be great in pictures.

votive decor

Shimmer cloth and bouquet décor:

You can just drape the table with a shimmering table cloth to make it look grand and this silver sequin work cloth makes it look glittering on the grand evening. The simple bunch of flowers placed beside the cake makes it look elegantly beautiful. you can also add a string of beads to it.


Canopy décor:

Simple outdoor wedding cake table is decorated with a netted canopy that not only makes it look lovely but also protects the cake from bugs. The lace table runner on the table adds detail to the table arrangement.

canopy decor

Crystal table décor:

This is one of the lavish table decors where strings of exquisite expensive crystals hung around the table and above table to make the décor look lavish. The cake is matched with similar violet ribbons that blend with the violet flower balls of the décor.

crystal decor

Flowers under glass:

This is a glass topped cake table with violet table skirt that forms the base color and the top of the table is simple with just the cake placed. Whereas beautifully colored flowers are arranged in a row beneath the glass.

flowers under glass

Cake table decorated with food items in jewelry box:

This cake table is decorated beautifully with other simple food snack items placed on the table and especially the jewel box with macaroons in it. The jewel box is decorated with crystals and pearl chains that make it look even more decorative. You can also place crystal-studded votives on the tables to enhance the décor.

jewellery box

Letter décor:

You can order for Mr&Mrs lettering or make your own with wood, or cardboard and place it on the table along with some flower petals, votives and flower bunches to make the table look beautiful.

letter decor

Vintage table décor:

You can place a vintage table with drawers and a vintage suitcase where you can place the cake on top of it. This will look very apt for a vintage wedding theme.

vintage table

Votives and petals:

Just arrange small votives around the table along with rose petals and they will make the special table look even more special. This table décor will look fabulous for evening weddings where lights and votives will make the place look shimmering.

votives and petals

Champagne glass and satin skirt:

Just adorn the table with satin skirt and place two champagne glasses on the table and the vowing ceremony will look complete.

wine glasses


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