Wedding Canopy Ideas

How have you planned to decorate the canopy where you are about to exchange vows and rings? Well, if you haven’t yet thought about it and want it to be something simply with a canopy styled one then this is the right blog.


draped canopy

The canopies listed below are simple yet beautiful that will make the moment look beautiful and picture perfect.

Bamboo canopy with thin drapes:

This is a bamboo four-poster canopy with thin drapes attached to it and the stripes of fabric are just let to freely fly in beach breeze. The simple white drapes are all that is used to make this canopy look elegant.

bamboo canopy

Bright purple and white canopy:

This canopy is another beach setting wedding with thin fabric that is used to adorn the wedding ceremony. The bright purple and white is beautifully blended with the background color of the beach waves and the aisle floral bunch décor.

bright canopy

Bright colorful canopy décor:

This is a beautiful canopy décor with stripes of fabric like ribbons, in different shades of red and oranges. Also, you can adorn the canopy décor with different floral patterns in one corner and fur animals on the other side.

colorful canopy

Colorful flower swag:

Just drape the four posters in white cloth and then adorn the canopy with colorful floral swag to make it look beautiful. The different colorful flowers on the swag will make it look highlighted on the white background and the floral petal aisle adds charm to the entire view of the wedding arrangement.

colorful flower swag canopy

Curtain canopy:

the rustic wooden planks that are nailed to form a solid backdrop and the white curtain that is attached to just one side of the plank and center greenery is one of the simplest setting that can be implemented in barn weddings or rustic outdoor weddings.

curtain canopy

Ribbon canopy décor:

This is another colorful canopy décor where the sides of the canopy are decorated with colorful satin ribbons that can be hung along the four sides of the poles and it will look like rainbow of colors, simple elegant and very cost effective.

ribbon canopy decor

Serene green canopy:

This is a serene green canopy that is beautifully decorated with green transparent cloth that is fastened along the four sides of the pole and the top border of the front side is decorated with large pearl cream white flowers that make the decoration look fabulous along with white crystal chains that hang behind the background.

serene green canopy

Simple wedding canopy drapes:

This is a simple wedding canopy drapes where the white cloth is draped loosely around the poles and two bunches of flowers with leaves are attached to the corners to add color and detail to the design.

simple wedding canopy

white draped

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