Wedding Photo Booth Ideas – Capturing Memories

Best and fond memories need to be captured at the right time and wedding is one of such moments that need to be captured and you should create a lovely atmosphere for your guests to capture and freeze the lovely moments and cherish forever. Listed below are some of the lovely ideas for wedding photo booths.

wedding caravan booth

Parasol wedding photo booth décor:

This is a parasol wedding photo booth décor, where you can set up a place with wooden pallets and insert the parasols in it. You can also place some old wooden planks for pallet boxes in the front with flower vase and other decorative items on it to make it look decorative.

parasol booth


Blackboard booth:

This is a cost effective photo booth where you can install a large black board with all the important details written on it with names of the couples, date, time place of the event, and bridesmaids and best men details.

blackboard booth

Cardboard frame:

This is a large cardboard frame like filmstrip with names and date printed on it. You can suspend this from tree branch or poles and allow your guests to click pictures from behind it.

cardboard frame

Classic vintage booth:

This is a classic vintage booth with a colored wallpaper adorning the artificial wall decorated with beautiful vintage mirror frames and photo frames. Also, a vintage sofa is place in front of the wall to make the entire setting look beautiful and classic.

classic vintage booth

Embroidery hoop booth:

This is an embroidery hoop booth with lace material filled in all the embroidery hoops and attached together like a curtain. This will look very beautiful and unique and is one of the cost effective and artistic ways to adorn the booth.

embroidery hoop booth

Frame cut outs:

This is a faux wall with frame cut out that is decorated with golden border for each frame like setting where your guests can stand within each frame and pose and even give funny poses like these.

frame cut outs

Hideaway tent style teepee booths:

This is a simple tent like photo booth that is designed like a teepee and is small enough like a hideaway and cozy enough for two to three people to click pictures together.

hideaway booth

Mirror frame, moustache and hat:

This is a mirror frame, moustache and hat props booth idea where the guests are provided with these props and asked to hold them while photos can be clicked.

mirror frame and hat

Beautiful ribbon booth:

Colorful stripes for ribbon hanged from the poles or tree branch can make a lovely photo booth too.

 ribbon photobooth

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